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What do you think is the job of the state legislature in replying to the risk of climate change? By far the most significant factor to impact my state is climate change. That’s why I grew to become the very first person to embrace an environmentally friendly New Deal. Dan Helmer on Climate Change. He understands what it means to serve in the military. Glenn Youngkin is an Army veteran that served as an officer in the army.

He knows what it means to be a soldier. But how does Glenn Youngkin program to stick his profession in public service? He labored as a managing director at GS, and that makes it painless to see the reason why he is a thriving businessman. In 1986, Youngkin began his very first professional job at Goldman Sachs. Dan Helmer on Abortion. Dan Helmer on Voting Rights. We must make voting as simple as they can. I support a woman’s right to make her very own healthcare decisions, including a decision to conclude the pregnancy of her.

Do you support requiring parental consent for minors seeking an abortion in Virginia? Do you help support enacting immediate voter registration for all those legitimate citizens who apply for state identification in Virginia, hence they are immediately registered to vote? We need someone with great leadership skills along with a proven record of dealing with both Republicans and democrats. That’s why we should elect Glenn Youngkin as Virginia’s next governor.

Exactly how much has Terry McAuliffe contributed to the Democratic Party of Virginia over the past 12 years? Just what are some key areas of Glenn Youngkin’s biography? Is Glenn Youngkin a great leader? Who would you believe in more, Glenn Youngkin or maybe Terry McAuliffe? Who supports Glenn Youngkin? This bill, modeled after the Federal Assault Weapons Ban of 1994, proposed to make it a misdemeanor to possess as well as sell such weapons and also provided provisions to ban ownership by people under 21 (Dan Helmer for Congress) (Cardinal News).

Helmer is a robust advocate for gun control, sponsoring a number of pieces of legislation targeted at reducing gun violence and promoting public safety. Despite passing in each House and Senate, it was ultimately vetoed by Governor Glenn Youngkin, who cited constitutional concerns about the right to bear arms. An example of his many important efforts was HB two, that sought to ban assault-style weapons in Virginia.

These have included steps to improve access to mental health services for attempts and veterans to ease the transition from military to civilian life. Drawing on the own army experience of his, Helmer has championed several bills aimed at supporting Virginia’s veterans.

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